Westview Cider Mill

The Westview Orchards family has been making fresh apple cider for generations. Starting in the 1940’s Grandpa Harvey would take his truckload of apples, stacked in bushel crates, over to the historic Yates Cider Mill to be made into cider. Once pressed, Harvey and his staff would bottle the cider into glass jugs, load them back into crates to be stacked and bring them back to the farm’s commercial refrigerator.

Over time a new apple pressing system called the J-belt press was introduced. By the early 1970’s 5th generation Armand was very interested in it. Before long he was taking his truckloads of fresh, tree-picked apples to be pressed at a different cider mill using their modern J-belt press.

It soon sparked his idea to add this press inside of the empty 1850 dairy barn. His dream was put on hold when he suddenly passed away in 1980. By 1998, Armand’s niece Abby, fulfilled his dream by installing the J-belt press system into the 1850 barn. Guests could now watch their meticulous cider-making process, from ‘tree to jug’, through the wall of large viewing windows.

Now cider-making at Westview aligns with their family’s values and mission to grow the highest quality fruit and vegetables, provide friendly service in a clean farm setting and offer their farm-fresh products directly to their neighbors.